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As we get closer to the election, on Monday night Jo Swinson has proved once again that she is the next generation leader this country needs, rather than the re-tread leaders of the hard left Labour or Tory right.

If you want to remain in the EU and don’t want the chaos of another independence referendum..

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Election Update

Will Labour hold Edinburgh South ? We think not!

One reason for Labour's weakness is the party's collapse in Scotland, which started after the independence referendum five years ago. Professor Henderson of Edinburgh University says in the Scotsman (15th Nov): "In Scotland, no one is moving to Labour - no-one." The article continued  “Support for Labour in Scotland is at a 100 year low”.. and according to John Curtice in the same article “and at the same time the biggest movement out of the Labour party is to the Lib Dems”.


This is exactly...

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Manifesto Plans Analysis

The influential IFS has published its analysis of the fiscal plans of the parties, and it says that neither the Tories or Labour have credible spending plans. The IFS says

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Have you registered to vote ?

Have you registered to vote ?  It's not too late..

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The Liberal Democrats are delighted to have launched our manifesto – it’s our roadmap for a Liberal Democrat government, that will:
 Stop Brexit
Tackle the climate emergency
 Build a fairer economy
 Transform mental health services
 Tackle the housing crisis
And build a brighter future for our country.

You can see..

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