Tory chaos

What a week ! We gained two MPs in as many days, and Prime Minister Johnston has managed to lose all his Government’s’ Parliamentary votes, split his party and unite the opposition...

People have been asking for a summary of what has happened this week.. Firstly, he removed 21 Conservative MPs from his party who voted for the 'prevent no deal Brexit' legislation, and in conjunction with the defection of Philip Lee to us lost his parliamentary majority. Without a majority he cannot enact any legislation.

The Brexit legislation passed this week prevents a no deal Brexit and gives the Commons a chance to vote on any deal. If there is no deal, the PM has to ask the EU for an extension. Despite this, we, along with the other opposition parties, believe that the Government might be able to achieve a No-deal Brexit via an early General Election. We will not vote for a General Election unless there is no chance of this.

It looks like a prolonged proroguing of parliament will happen next week for the flimsiest of reasons – this is an affront to democracy, and means that there can be no further parliamentary debates on any issue until October.

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