Make it Stop !

People on the doorsteps in Edinburgh South keep asking me ‘How do we make it stop?’ They don’t believe Boris Johnson when he says they will get it done – this deal of his is only the transition agreement; at the end of next year we need the permanent trade deal or else we won’t have any deal. Far from being stopped ! Labour want to negotiate their own deal.

The SNP want further division and would take us out of the EU with independence. We are the only party that wants to remain in the EU and the UK and will do what we can to do this. If we gained more than 325 seats then we would revoke Article 50 on day one – stopping Brexit dead in its tracks by the will of the people. If we got less than this, we would want a Peoples’ vote that included the Remain option. This would allow the people to vote based on what they now know to be true rather than what they were told in 2016. We have calculated that the ‘Remain Bonus’ will be worth £50bn over five years.

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