Your Choice

As we get closer to the election, on Monday night Jo Swinson has proved once again that she is the next generation leader this country needs, rather than the re-tread leaders of the hard left Labour or Tory right.

If you want to remain in the EU and don’t want the chaos of another independence referendum..

then there is only one choice: The Liberal Democrats. Labour’s Angela Rayner made it clear on Monday night that Labour do not want to stop Brexit; they have not ruled out another independence referendum as the price to the SNP to support them. If elected, Labour MPs, elected on the Labour manifesto would go through the lobbies supporting the ‘eye watering’ spending plans to nationalise broadband, the energy utilities etc., and which are ‘simply not credible’ according to the IFS. Only the Liberal Democrats’ plans passed the scrutiny of the IFS.

Only the Liberal Democrats are pro EU and pro UK, and believe that we are better as part of a community of nations. It is your choice on Thursday. If you want to remain in the EU and remain in the UK- vote for the only party that wants this!

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